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For a comparison between Youtube and Amazon Prime Video let us start with an Example Watch length of 10 Mins Video.

YouTube : 3 Paisa to 10 paisa (variable) per view of 10 mins with single ad.

Amazon Prime : 40 to 50 Paisa for 10 min view, approx, after commissions to aggregators (which is 20% to 30%)

(YouTube is a pltform that runs through Ads. More ads & more length of video = Increase in paisa. Amazon prime has no ads during videos, only length of viewing is the major criteria)

So if a 2 hours movie is fully watched you can earn approx:
Youtube : 60 Paisa Minus Tax
Amazon prime : 5.60 Rs. Minus Tax.

YouTube has more audience and it's free for user. Amazon Prime has less audience compared to YouTube and is a Paid service for end users.

Amazon decides whether they can host your movie. You decide whether you can host your movie on YouTube. Only issue is in YouTube your channel must have minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past 365 days to apply for paid partnership or go with a channel that is already partnered with youtube's monetization program, and be ready to share (20% to 30%) as comissions to the channels.

Promotion cost in facebook Ads : Approx 1.20 Rs per click. All clicks will not give full 2 hour watch. Unpaid posts on social media do not reach as per their news feed algorithm.

YouTube or Amazon prime, You have to keep spending for promos and advertisements till the Video becomes atomatically visible and atleast semi-viral which can take 3 months if your content is of watchable quality. Shorter duration if its very viral or driven by well knows cast & crew. The earnings will be decent only for 6 to 8 months time after which new content will take over and audience move on.

So if you do not have funds to massively advertise upfront, then OTT / Online platforms are not for you. Even if you massively advertise good earnings are not more than 8 months.

If you do not have a terrific viral content, there is no point giving it online for revenue share. Try for an outright sale to recover the budget as much as possible and start to concentrate on your next project and move on.

There may be exceptions to the above due to many reasons. 2 out of 100 movies may not fall in the above list. Lets not make that as examples and go shoot the open sky without a target.

So before you plan an online release, take a paper and make simple calculations based on your movie budget's pending recovery then decide your action.

To succeed in film buainess with new or upcoming cast & crew, keep budget to the rock bottom low and make a script that can do justice for entertainment in that budget. Even for well known starts, it is advisable to keep the budget within limits and not breach the ceiling.

The above message is only an approx calculation and could very slightly vary on case to case.

So how to earn money from a movie or a video ? - Go TVOD. Learn about TVOD.

Hope this was helpful.

~ An Article by Arunkanth

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