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Voice Over - Career in Detail !

When you’re thinking about how to become a voice actor you might not recognise all the possibilities. Here are the many different platforms / Projects that employ voice actors:

Films & Narrative Stories
Foreign language films
Animation shorts or films
TV programs
Radio or Audio dramas
Video games
IVR phone systems
Voice of God at live events
TV and Radio promos
Training / e-learning


There are a vast number of opportunities that exist for voice actors. Of course some aspects of voice acting are specialized. As an example, it is harder to learn how to do character voices and get into animation compared to voice commercials.

Voice acting is an exciting and varied career. You can make money using your voice, travel and be part of a growing industry. Sounds great, but do you have what it takes?

The voice over industry is growing. From the voice of Google, to Advertisements, to explainer ads, to radio ads, to corporate training...voice acting is everywhere. Do you listen to audiobooks? Millions of people do. All those books have to be recorded by voice actors. As the world has become digital there has been an increasing demand for voice talent.

As a voice actor you might be working on a TV ad one day, a radio commercial the next and then the following day on a cartoon. Each day is different, which is why you might find a career as a voice actor is right for you.
Technology has changed everything. Now most voice actors have their own mini-studio and record work from their homes.


Now of course that sounds easy and nothing is that easy, there is a lot more to voice acting.

Most people though find it hard to get into voice over or even get started. The main reason is that they keep hunting around the internet looking at videos on YouTube, some voice over blogs, but often this is all just disjointed and hard to make sense of.

You need to appreciate that there is a lot to learn and do before your first paid voice acting job. Yes, you want to get out there and start auditioning. But first, you’re going to need proper training, equipment, resources, and yes, some natural talent. The great news is that even though the voice over industry is competitive, there is plenty of voice over work out there for everyone.

Before you do anything though, ask yourself why you want to become a voice actor. If you know upfront what your goals, expectations, and motivations are, you will be more successful. Setting small achievable goals and placing deadlines on them will make sure you stay on track, even if you only want to do voice over as a hobby instead of a full-time career.

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