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Everyone makes errors while making films and these are the common ones beginners make and sometimes even the experienced make ! Be wise and learn from other's mistakes. Here is the list !

1) Producing a Weak Story & Characters :
A weak story makes an actor aimless in a movie and where movie characters do not have clear-cut goals in the movie, the movie becomes boring and no one wants to see a boring movie.

2) Using Bad Sound :
Imagine a film where you see the characters moving but you hear absolutely nothing. This is what happens when the sound is bad. It makes the film annoying.

3) Poor Casting Choice :
The casting choice you make goes a long way to make a movie successful New filmmakers most times cast wrong characters for some roles. You cannot just give the role to anyone. You have to make the right choice or the film would be wacky.

4) Poor Shot Composition :
In shot composition, there is what is called dead spaces. These spaces are just areas in a particular scene where no activity is taking place. It is not good to have too much dead space. The shots usually lack depth and balance.

5) Using Clichés :
Clichés like people waking up from bed at the beginning of a movie or a scene. This is a bad move, so boring and over used cliche.

6) Poor Lightning :
When the lighting is poor, you barely see what is happening and this is a turn-off.

7) Too Much Insert Shots :
Insert shots is like zooming Or cutting to emphasise something. It’s good but when it is overdone it destroys a film.


8) Time Wasting :
This is when characters in a movie are lingering, that is they go about in a scene with unnecessary action which is unimportant to the movie.

9) Too Many Pauses :
Most amateur movies do scene pauses a lot. You see two characters talking and the scene is paused for a bit to draw in the audience. This is good but when it is overdone it becomes a nuisance.

10) Poor Movement :
When there is not enough motion in a scene it becomes boring. You see characters standing still for long minutes. This is bad for a movie.

11) Too Much Talking :
Too much chit chat kills a movie.

12) Unnecessary Action :
This is when action is done just for doing sake. Not all scenes require action.

13) Use the Wrong Music :
When the music does not match the scene, the music becomes a nuisance. And this is what most amateur filmmakers do.

14) White Walls :
Most amateurs shoot movies with white walls everywhere. This is not good. It makes a movie look uninteresting. It removes flavor from the movie.

15) Wrong delivery formats / Colour :
Many a times rushing into exporting a project without verifying export formats, colour calibration can lead to unexpected playback quality at different media platforms.

The more films you make the more better you become. Make new mistakes ! Keep Learning ! Make films for the love of Film Making.

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