Sunday, April 19, 2020, 03:38 AM

Every Pro-Photographer hates to hear these words !

1. Can you make me look skinny?
2. Can you send me the RAW files?
3. Can I see your camera screen?
4.My new iPhone is better than your big camera?
5. Come to my wedding, I can’t afford a photographer.
6. Your lens is not big enough.
7. You ask for too much money, all you do is click a button.
8. Can you make it warmer but with more blue?
9. Why is it all blurry in the background?
10. Tripods are forbidden here.


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11. I hate having my photo taken.
12. Can I have all the reject photos too?
13. You don’t even have to edit them, it’s fine.
14. What do you do the rest of the week?
15. I only need one photo, will it be cheaper?
16. Would you edit my selfie I shot with a phone?
17.Sony or Canon, what should I buy?
18. You don’t have a degree, so you’re not really a professional.
19. Shoot for free, I’ll promote your work.
20. Your camera makes every photo easier to take.

It is a kind request to think twice before you ask these questions.

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