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A Free App with no irritating Pop Up Ads. 

~ Learn Film Making from Top Class Tutorials 
~ Listen to Independnet Music on our AK Internet Radio Live
~ Subscription to the Art.Knowledge Film Making Magazine 
~ Watch Quality Short Films & Independent Films streaming on our app AK TV Live
~ Submit your content & creation to our showcase section
~ Participate in Film Making Quiz and self test your knowledge 
~ If you are an Artist / Technician, you can register your talent to the AK Online Talent Registry. 
~ Listen to AK Radio on Film Making Talk Show, Independent Music & more.

AK Online” - An Exclusive OTT platform for Independent Content Creators. We are a TVOD (Transaction based Video On Demand) Platform which host videos where users can pay and watch each video individually, thus eliminating the biased SVOD revenue share model. It is like a cinema ticket where users pay to watch individual content.

AK Online” App Hosts, - Live TV, Live Internet Radio & OTT Video On Demand Library (TVOD Only).

The App is available on all the widely used devices worldwide - For Free !

Available Devices : Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TVOS, Android TV, IOS IPadOS, Android Play Store & via Web.

Our Policy / Terms :
~ Our Policy is to provide a platform for content creators to sell content at their preferred price.
~ Our Policy is to provide 85% of revenue on sales to the content creators on a day to day settlement. (Minus Applicable Taxes / Encoding Publishing Cost which is Rs.500/- for short videos under 45 minutes and Rs.1000/- for longer videos, which need not be paid upfront, but will be adjusted towards the revenue settlement)
~ We also provide a copy of the customer information (Name & Email ID) to the content creators as it is their property as well. This will be clearly stated on our privacy policy.
~ We do not host content with too much of negativity and content that utilises Smoking / Drinking / Drug Addiction / Harassment or any such brain damaging and stressful material.
~ We would like to become a niche platform for Positivity, knowledge development and Art Appreciation.
~ We do not acquire any kinds of rights from the content provider other than the right to host and provide playback to users who pay for each content. Hence the property always vests with the content provider. Any content can be removed within 48 hours with just a simple email notice to us.
~ We are ready to host any language ~ We mostly try no to host main stream Cinema / Content that has been recognised by the main stream Televisions / Platforms.
~ We would respect and host any form of Quality Art that meets our above criteria / Independent Content that has been sidelined and not recognised by the mainstream media / networks.
~ We would strive to promote all the content hosted on our platform to be best extent possible under our capabilities and we do not charge the content providers unless they wish to do some specialised promo.
~ We also play the Promos / Ads for the Video Library on our Live TV Channel for Free.

Categories of the Video Library :
~ Independent Films
~ Short Films / Series
~ Documentaries
~ Talk Shows
~ Indie Music / Indie Music Videos
~ Talent Showcase - Free / Paid Category (Show Reels of Artists)
~ Knowledge Zone (Film Making, Freelancing / Entrepreneurship, How-To Videos & Other Videos related to Art & Knowledge)

We are happy to add any other category if such content comes our way.
We also welcome any unique ideas if you have and we will be happy to implement if they are feasible.

As said before, we would love to become a Niche Platform of Positive Entertainment & Knowledge Development related to Art.

Proposed launch date : 15th August 2020, currently running under testing phase.

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AK Online
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+91 99447 42045 | akonline@arunkanth.in | www.arunkanth.in

Be a part of “AK Online”, let us make a beautiful Artistic World, filled with positivity !

We, “Innovate - Implement - Inspire” ! “
AK Online” is an initiative by Arun Kanth for the Development of Art.Knowledge !
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